We Shit in the River and Move Trash Around is Like People Aint Moving Fast Enough

Once you know that, you know you do not do that, so let us stop together, by giving the earthworms their jobs back. They eat human feces and toilet paper and excrete sterile organic fertilizer named earthworm castings. A new sanitation system that relieves your problem in a small underground septic unit buried in your yard where the earthworms can come and visit freely is needed immediately. We Shit in the River and Move Trash Around is Like People Aint Moving Fast Enough people ain't moving fast enough. https://t.co/8p74EjXkrA — Happy Friendship Lessons (@RobertGBrown13) November 6, 2020 Digger’s World on …

roi paid upfront heaven's business dynamics

Heaven’s Business Dynamics is taking hold worldwide and you can get ROI paid upfront by using its principles. Marketers can get paid on sales rather then good copy. Every time you land a sale your marketing team can get 10% of every sale. To be more clear, your copywriter doesn’t get paid anything, until you make a sale. Watch What the Power of Unseen Touching did to this human. you cannot do it in person unseen touchers https://t.co/zh8gn7uaaW — Happy Friendship Lessons (@RobertGBrown13) November 3, 2020 you cannot do it in person unseen touchersyou cannot do it in person unseen …

end all war

There is one enemy no matter how many of your neighbors are invested. It is an unseen enemy. And it needs our education, our health, our power, and our romance to live. The enemy thrives on the the destruction of life by sucking the life from all things. The enemy’s name is insanity. Learn more. Give $300 to see insanity disappear and be replaced by reliable information for informed decision so sanity spreads across the land. Think of the children. http://truthliesdecision.com/donations

christmas 2020

Make Christmas last forever. Start early placing gifts in your Christmas tree area, for a surprise Christmas celebration. Things you find, things you buy, things you would sell, or things you would donate, then think of someone and wrap a gift. Merry Christmas. …And to all a goodnight. Gift ideas Prime Amazon Prime Free 2-day Shipping Books Shop Books at Amazon Computers Shop Computers at Amazon Musical Instruments Shop Musical Instruments at Amazon Good Reads A Course in Miracles A Course in Miracles Neo-tech Discovery Neo-tech Discovery Carlos Castaneda Carlos Castaneda

get the food off the shelves

Ladies and gentleman, Get the food off the shelves and eat dead pig and dead cow. Let the our family die naturally to dine on their flesh. Chicken and fish is also eaten dead, so let it die to eat. And all the animals we eat should die a natural death to eat its dead goodness gracious. We should ask if it is okay? What gourmet? The animals? Ask them too? What does the holy spirit think? Every woman human shield with every man behind her saying she made me do it is the only way to get here? Eat …