Christmas 2020 Start Early This Christmas

Make Christmas last forever. Start early placing gifts in your Christmas tree area, for a surprise Christmas celebration. Things you find, things you buy, things you would sell, or things you would donate, then think of someone and wrap a gift. Merry Christmas. …And to all a goodnight. Gift ideas Prime Amazon Prime Free 2-day Shipping Books Shop Books at Amazon Computers Shop Computers at Amazon Musical Instruments Shop Musical Instruments at Amazon Good Reads A Course in Miracles A Course in Miracles Neo-tech Discovery Neo-tech Discovery Carlos Castaneda Carlos Castaneda

Eat Dead Pigs and Dead Cows

Ladies and gentleman, Get the food off the shelves and eat dead pig and dead cow. Let the our family die naturally to dine on their flesh. Chicken and fish is also eaten dead, so let it die to eat. And all the animals we eat should die a natural death to eat its dead goodness gracious. We should ask if it is okay? What gourmet? The animals? Ask them too? What does the holy spirit think? Every woman human shield with every man behind her saying she made me do it is the only way to get here? Eat …

Verizon Sprint At&t for Sale?

Robert G Brown Tuesday 05.28 2019 Showing desire to buy Sprint, Verizon showed interest to sell through poisoned spiritual communication lines better known as faggot walls. If this is true it could be one of the biggest mergers and tranfers of aquisition during our planet’s history. Verizon spoke like At&t wouldn’t mind either knowing their community, it may be more than rumor.

Informed Decision Global Communication

Robert Brown Tuesday 03.05.2019 Did the Internet come about because of how the trees network via root system? Do trees network via root system? How do you connect to the world around you? Do you believe you are only flesh and blood? Do you think you are going to die? Do you get good information from your friends and family? Is your world telling you the truth? Are you supposed to die? Are you supposed to get sick? If sickness and death didn’t exist today, how many businesses would not be in business? Hi. I am Bob. Nice to meet …

Stop Trash Recycle Everything

Recycling ends trash and trash cans. Moving trash around doesn’t look like genius. NASA feeding the hungry and housing the homeless looks genius. Stop trying to trash the planet. This is God’s kingdom? When do we become the geniuses we claim to be? Recycling is the next step to a future that lives forever. To a living loving creator trying to burn each other in hell must look stupid. Recycle everything seems closer to reality then blowing up nuclear bombs under the earth’s surface. But here on earth, we seem to get away with both without the populace raising a …